Red Mile Nabs License for Sin City Games

Red Mile Entertainment, developers of 2005’s WWII dogfighter Heroes of the Pacific and the forthcoming Jackass: The Game, has announced its acquisition of the right to develop and publish games based on Frank Miller’s Sin City series of award-winning graphic novels.

Frank Miller’s iconic noir series transports readers to the dark and rainy town of Sin City, where the police force (and most everyone else) is crooked and violent crime is the order of the day. A 2005 film adaptation of four of Miller’s tales helmed by acclaimed director Robert Rodriguez earned the license significant media exposure and a spike in public awareness.

Commenting on the deal, Miller said, “Taking Sin City into the world of video games is very exciting – games offer a whole new way to bring audiences into Sin City. The Red Mile team has impressed me with its dedication to creating Sin City video games that will remain true to Sin City as I’ve always seen it.”

Red Mile declined to disclose financial terms of the deal.