Red Bull LAN Orlando Day 1 Photo Dump and Recap!

The first day of the Red Bull LAN wrapped up last night – let's take a visual tour of the days' events! It was a hard day of training for these Starcraft 2 and Halo pros… let's hope it pays off in the upcoming MLG season. 


Set up nearing completion – here we see the pros in early practice games.

Huge thanks to Red Bull and Full Sail University for putting on the event. 

I was pretty impressed with the venue – Full Sail definitely knows how to put on a show. And having this sort of training camp event in a university is perfect too – since the pros are learning how to deal with their weaknesses. I'd imagine it's pretty inspiring for students to see such hard work and determination, especially in a demanding school like Full Sail.

Though the Red Bull LAN is mostly a private event, this one was open to students of Full Sail – the first Red Bull LAN with a studio audience.

Set up of the Halo area continues.

Naniwa and PartinG get in some practice matches before the festivities kick off.

djWheat interviews the two focus players of the night, Sheth and ThorZain before their challenge matches that night

The swanky VIP area we got to sit in for viewing – it's good to be king! 

Day[9] getting ready to cast the night's events.

The crowd assembles

Sheth's first challenge of the night – Evil Geniuses' JYP

As you can see, each of the players was trying to work on a specific part of their game. So players that are good with this playstyle were matched up against him, using this general strategy, but with slight variation. Judging by the night's results, I would definitely say he still needs work on this.

The Halo Commentator's couch/command center.

Halo players training hard, running the gamut of game modes – their training is much more general than the Starcraft 2 players.

That's it from Day 1 of the Red Bull LAN from Orlando! Be sure to stay tuned for much more as today progresses, we'll have interviews with the casters and pros, a tour of the Full Sail Campus as well as plenty more pictures! And don't forget to tune in live @ 6:00 PM EST on!

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