RDR: Legends and Killers DLC Shortsighted

All of the new additions may seem hard to pass up, but the Red Dead Redemption: Legends and Killers DLC is aimed directly at the hardcore fans of multiplayer; especially those who don’t mind paying for a few re-skins and only one new weapon.

Adding in nine multiplayer maps and eight new character skins to the games multiplayer experience, Legends and Killers is subpar when looking at how much it costs. At the $9.99 price point for Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, it’s a shame that the only upside is the new weapon, the Tomahawk, that adds a few extra challenges to the single-player campaign.

Most of the “new” maps are locations players have already seen through the single-player mode. Adding a multiplayer aspect to these locations does little to help freshen up the experience. Particularly, for those players who have been playing online since the game’s launch, it’s tired experience from start to finish.

The same thing can be said about the new character skins. Although, bringing some of the old characters back from Red Dead Revolver was a nice touch, the majority of the new skins are random miners and townsfolk, which leaves things a bit stale. Lacking strong personality that we loved from the single-player campaign, Rockstar needs to bring a more rambunctious crew of skins next time around.
Adding very little to the single-player mode, Legends and Killers is a disappointment for anyone lacking a posse to play with. Other than a small amount of in-game challenges involving the Tomahawk, the single-player additions are shortsighted.

While Red Dead Redemption’s multiplayer is entertaining, the real thrill of adventure came from the single-player story. The question has to be asked: How steep is too steep for the pricing of the Legend and Killers DLC? Paying $10 for a few extra maps that we have seen before, random character skins, one new weapon and avoiding anything new for the single-player campaign makes the DLC a tough pill to swallow.

The only aspect of the new DLC that added any type of new aspect for the gameplay was the Tomahawk, which was quite deadly and almost unfairly overpowered. Most of the time, throwing a Tomahawk would earn the player an instant kill, which would make it a new favorite weapon to have, but would also leave players yelling obscenities at the individual who chose to the absurdly overpowered weapon. The weapon is not impressive in a long distance fight, but for close combat, it is the ideal weapon to use.

The fact remains: Legends and Killers is downloadable content that multiplayer fans should enjoy for new content, even if it’s limited in scope. But for RDR fans who weren’t sold on the multiplayer features, you may want to sit this one out. Individually speaking, the pack didn’t introduce enough new gameplay mechanics to justify the cost or the time spent jumping back into the online affairs of the American Old West.