Random Video of the Day: Girl Gets Fed Up with Lazy Boyfriend, Smashes His PS3

A little over a week ago, we brought you a video which shows what can happen when a guy spends too much time gaming and not enough time with his girlfriend (who is presumably not a gamer herself). But apparently, it’s not an isolated incident, nor limited to the Xbox 360. In fact, it would seem that some found it downright inspiring as this occurred the following day (warning: language):

Hmm, I think she might have done a better number on this one than her 360 cohort did. But evidently, he got a new one, isn’t getting a job, and “its all gooooooood.”

PlayStation University, however, questions the video’s legitimacy: “If it’s real, their performances seem a little contrived. If the video’s a fake, their acting isn’t of the highest calibre.”

I guess all we need now is an angry girlfriend busting her boyfriend’s Wii after he stays up all night playing. Anyone want to lay odds on the chances we see that one come up?