Random Video (and Comic) of the Day: Ode to Minions

I’m not sure if it’s something in the water or what, but it seems that over the past week, there has been a growing concern among webcomic artists about the well-being of minions and cannon-fodder in video games. The above comes from last Thursday’s edition of Medium Large, which you can find in its full-size and uncensored here.

Elsewhere, Brawl in the Family celebrated 200 strips with an extra-large edition, accompanied by a song. Conveniently enough for us, you can view it in video form here. And just wait until you see whose performance this is:

For the original comic version, click here.

So, what does this all mean? I don’t know. It’s the holiday season, so maybe one should consider paying tribute to some of the grunts by letting some of those who aren’t an immediate threat get away with their lives. Their families may very well thank you.