“Underwhelming” Tomb Raider: Underworld Sales Reached Over 2.6m by 2009

Remember when several members of the development team at Crystal Dynamics were fired following the “underperformance” of Tomb Raider: Underworld?

Perhaps they should have seen the writing on the wall, and tried harder to make a good product, one that people were interested in buying. After all, 2.6 million units sold by the end of December is pure peanuts, right? Nevermind the fact that the game had a faster rate of sell-through than either Tomb Raider: Legend or Tomb Raider: Anniversary, according to Gamasutra.

Indeed, the company, which is currently in the process of being sold off to Square Enix, saw revenues increase by 26 percent in the six months ending in December of 2008, while managing to reduce its losses to £1 million ($1.4m). Clearly the signs of an ailing economy.

In fact, the underwhelming sales of TR:U helped raise revenues to £80.3 million, compared to £63.4 million ($113.5m) from the previous year. And if that weren’t enough, the company managed to trim down its net debt from £5.7 million ($8.1m) to £3.2 million ($4.5).

And in case anyone is wondering, yes, I’m being quite facetious in the above. 2.6 million units sold is enough reason to lay people off and state sales as “underwhelming?” I have no idea what the suits at Eidos are on, but I would personally love some.

From CEO Phil Rogers:

“The first six months of trading this year were characterized by an incredibly competitive and increasingly challenging retail environment.

The changes made at Eidos over the past year, coupled with the continued hard work and determination of our employees and external partners, means we are well placed one year into our three-year strategic plan to produce higher-quality, must-have games to entertain our consumer.”

Yes, the hard work and determination of employees you laid off in a lousy economy. Way to go.