“Unbelievable!” Super Mario Chess Set Coming in September

Late last year, we learned that SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog would be immortalized, in classic style, in his very own chess set.

Now, Mario and his friends are ready to join in on the fun. And what’s more, you don’t have to import it from Europe to get your hands on it. Which is ironic, when you think about it, what with Mario being Italian and all.

This board offers up more variety than Sonic’s, too, by way of the pieces it comes with. For one thing, no repeat characters here. Minions, sure, but nothing that hasn’t been established as its own can’t-tell-them-apart species.

Mario, Bowser, Luigi, and Bowser Jr. take on the roles of two kings and two queens, respectively, while Yoshis and Birdos fill out the Knights. That leaves Princesses Peach and Daisy and the meddling Magikoopas to stand in as Bishops. Toads and Goombas stand on the long-drawn opposite sides of the Mushroom Kingdom line as Rooks, and Pawns are played by Koopa Troopa shells and… er, gold coins?

Everything else is great, but couldn’t they have used some Super Mushrooms there or something? Just seems more fair that way.

Entertainment Earth is currently taking preorders for the set, which is $39.99 and is scheduled for a September 2009 release. I may just have to try to get this for myself and learn how to play. That is, if I can find someone to send it to me, as it seems EE takes the “USA” in “USAopoly” a little too seriously.

The page’s amusing description reads as follows:

* The 1st-ever Nintendo-authorized chess game!
* Starring the most popular Super Mario characters!
* It’s unbelievable!

The 1st-ever Nintendo-authorized chess game… starring the most popular Super Mario characters! Packaged in a cool collector’s tin, this super-special set features 32 colorfully detailed pieces, including Mario (king), Luigi (queen), Princess Peach (bishop), Princess Daisy (bishop), Yoshi (knight), Toad (rook), Coin (pawn), Bowser (king), Bowser Jr. (queen), Magikoopa (bishop), Birdo (knight), Goomba (rook), and Koopa Shell (pawn). Unbelievable!

You hear that? Unbelievable!

Of course, the real fun might be getting the aforementioned Sonic set, and having Mario and Sonic square off.