“Reliable Sources” say Halo 4 will be Announced at E3

Bungie Day may be looking nice, but if Sarcastic Gamer‘s source is correct, it’ll be topped a mere week later.

The source delivered a two-fold revelation, saying that 1) Halo 4 is in-development at Bungie and 2) that we’ll likely hear Marty O’Donnell’s blaring score at some point during Microsoft’s E3 press conference — I’m betting that it’ll happen when Halo 4 is announced.

CVG, meanwhile, says that everyone’s favorite ring world-themed series will be present at E3, but that it won’t be starring Master Chief. (How about Mister Chief instead? Pretty please?) Odds are, then, that this Halo is the collaboration between Microsoft and Peter Jackson that we’ve heard so much about, yet seen none of.

So, what’s your take? Do you think Master Chief will be dancing around on stage during the Microsoft press conference at E3? Or do you think Microsoft should focus on Halo Wars this year? Or, further still, are you just sick and tired of Halo?