“No Plans” for Killzone 2 Co-Op Patch, Says Sony

It appears that the co-op experience is one that the highly-anticipated Killzone 2 is not destined to ship with. And for those of you holding out for a patch to remedy this issue… don’t hold your breath.

Sony have moved to put an end to the rumors which seem to be permeating the internet, suggesting that such a feature will be implemented at a later time via a patch. Or as some like to call them, “title updates.”

Speaking to videogaming247 this morning, a senior Sony representative told us that “there are no plans for co-op in Killzone 2.”

Obviously that doesn’t mean if will never, ever happen, ever ever. But seriously, stop holding your breath. — videogaming247

It’s a shame, but you never know– with enough demand, perhaps they will add something in later. Just don’t expect to hear anything any sooner than that.