“Aligning with Wii” Part of EA’s 2009 Strategy

Speaking Thursday at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco, the Chief Operating Officer of EA, John Pleasants, told those in attendance of the company’s plans for the coming year, including avoiding the mistakes of last year which ultimately lead to the closing and consolidation of studios and the laying off of 1,100 workers.

Among the discussions of delving further into the territory of online gaming and expanding the music genre, Pleasants noted that they were not going to cut their marketing efforts, and furthermore, that they had a desire to become a powerful component of the overall Wii package.

Describing ways to more closely align itself with Nintendo’s money-printing machine as a brand, Pleasants told the audience that “For the first time, the idea that EA and Wii are two powerful companies that support each other is something we can market.” He added that his company could position itself as one which is “unlocking the power of the Wii.”

As if to punctuate the point, Pleasants revealed that EA currently has 25 Wii SKUs in development that are not ports, but software made specifically for the platform.

While certainly an admirable endeavor, there are undoubtedly going to be skeptics that EA will actually be able to make anything worthwhile come of their ambition; titles as recent as Skate It have failed to impress when attempting to utilize the console’s more unique attributes, and fans of the company’s Dead Space title have already begun to look for somewhere else they can spend their gaming dollar, after seeing the first glimpse of Extraction.

Nonetheless, EA continues to tout an admirable set of ideals which will hopefully serve them well as a company over the long term, in trying to develop new and original IP, and in trying to learn from their experiences. So long as they are sincere, it’s hard not to want to cheer them on just a little, in the hopes they figure out what will best serve their company and their audience, and get it right.