PSP Launch Guide

PSP Advanced’s Buyers Guide

We here at PSP Advanced know how hard it can be to decide what games, and accessories to purchase for a handheld’s launch. This guide outlines some of the PSP’s grade “A” games as well as some quality accessories. To help our readers, we have split up this Guide into two easy sections.

Page 1: Top 5 Launch Games
Page 2: Accessories

So without delaying you any longer, we hope this guide helps!


The Games

Metal Gear Acid
Published by Konami
Developed by Konami
Releases on March 24th, 2005

Given the immense popularity of the Metal Gear Solid franchise on consoles, it was not a surprise to see Konami making a Metal Gear spinoff for Sony’s new PSP. Unlike the Metal Gear games you have come to know and love, Metal Gear Acid takes the series in a whole new direction, where Snake’s every movement is controlled by cards. Whether you are a fan of the series or not, Metal Gear Acid is a must have for every PSP owner.

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Ridge Racers
Published by Namco
Developed by Namco
Releases on March 24th, 2005

Its always good for a handheld to launch with a realistic racing game, and the PSP will launch with two right off the bat. However out of the two, Ridge Racers already seems to have made the impression as number one, and the anticipation for the game is through the roof. With gorgeous graphics, and numerous cars and tracks, Ridge Racers on the PSP is one title you don’t want to miss out on.

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Twisted Metal: Head on
Published by SCEA
Developed by Incognito Studios
Releases on March 24th, 2005

Packed with more then ten levels, and the destructive environments, Twisted Metal has never been better. The game also has numerous unlockables for both single and multiplayer modes. The multiplayer is the number one reason to own this game, and along with Sony’s online plan for the PSP, we’ll be ready to bash and mash across the globe.

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Wipeout Pure
Published by SCEA
Developed by SCEE
Releases on March 24th, 2005

Wipeout Pure draws comparisons to the arguably best game in the series, Wipeout XL, while keeping the franchise fresh and alive by adding its own unique twist. Wipeout does for the PSP what F-Zero does for the GBA. The game will feature some new tracks, as well as some old time favorites. This along with Wi-Fi multiplayer and downloadable content in the works, Wipeout Pure looks set to race into many a gamers PSP collection.

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Published by Ubisoft/Bandai
Developed by Q Entertainment
Releases on March 24th, 2005

Lumines is more or less derived from its big brother, Tetris. Just match one color out of a possible two. There are six different combinations of squares, and each will never leave a gap, like they do in Tetris. With its colorful blocks, and addictive gameplay, Lumines is the perfect choice for those Tetris enthusiasts.

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Well thats all for the games. Given that the PSP has numerous titles available at launch, the five games mentioned above are not meant to be bought in place of another. These are merely just the author’s select titles to purchase at launch. If you have the extra cash, we would advise you to buy everything in sight….only joking.

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The Accessories

PSP Charger Case

No sense in beating around the bush, the PSP’s battery life is by far the downfall of the handheld. This charger case doubles as a way to extend your PSP’s battery life by three times as much as well as protects it from scratchs, water, and shock. It recharges the PSP, and then its own built in battery gets used by the PSP, before the PSP uses its own. Life doesn’t get much better.

PSP Screen Armor

After purchasing your brand new PSP, you wouldn’t want that beautiful screen to have any wear and tear. This screen armor protects the PSP’s widescreen but still leaves the buttons open for you to use to choose MP3’s to listen. All this for only $9.99.


By far the most extensive accessory pack from Madcatz. The bundle features:

Hard Case
• Durable construction, all weather proof
• Rubberized interior
• Secure closure

Screen Protectors
• 4 removable screen protectors
• Protects your PSP screen from scratches
• Easy to remove, no sticky residue
• Includes directions and an applicator for best results

Game Cases
• 6 UMD cases for PSP games & movies
• Resists damage
• Protects your UMDs from scratches
• Comes in assorted colors

In Ear Headphones
• High quality sound
• Winding case protects your headphones and keeps cables organized

PlayGear Amp

By far the coolest looking accessory for your PSP. The Logitech PlayGear Amp allows for quality rich sound which watching movies or listening to music. The custom-fit cradle fits your PSP perfectly. Best of all you can stow it all away and take it on the go, its almost as portable as the PSP itself. This is the ideal companion when you need great audio to go. 

We hope you enjoyed our PSP Launch Guide, and hopefully it was helpful in deciding what games and accessories to purchase for your brand new PSP. Stay tuned to PSPA for around the clock PSP coverage.