PSP Getting Downloadable Movies

The PSP won’t be getting any UMD movies for a while but it will still have its chance to play movies this week. A Japanese movie distributor will be releasing downloadable movies for the handheld on December 24.

Starting December 24, PDA Cinema Contents, a Japanese Web site, will distribute four movies in the MPEG-4 format that the PSP employs. PSP owners will be able to purchase the movies and can then download them onto a Memory Stick Duo, which can then be inserted into the handheld.

Each movie costs between 294 yen ($2.82) and 399 yen ($3.82), and because the movies can be purchased with a credit card. This may not help us English speaking people over here but it is still good to hear that the PSP is already having support from movie companies in Japan.

The four movies available from PDA Cinema Contents, as of December 24, are: Lapis Lazuli, Hidari-mimi no Yousei (The Fairy in the Left Ear), Kanmai no Shima (God’s Dance Island), and [email protected]