PS4 game releases for January 2015

A happy New Year, indeed!

The momentum of a busy holiday 2014 season continues into the beginning of 2015, as January sees the release of several eagerly awaited titles for the PlayStation 4. Sure, there's a few weeks until PS4 sees its first new game of 2015, but I'm sure there's still plenty in your backlog from the holidays that can fill the space. Once we get to late January though, it all picks up again, starting with Citizens of Earth, Resident Evil HD Remaster, and Saints Row. Here's a look at what's coming to PS4 in January 2015.

Citizens of Earth – January 20, 2015

Citiziens of Earth is a role-playing game that puts you in the shoes of the Vice President of the World. A classic bureaucrat — charming, charismatic, and practically useless — he returns to his rural home for some vacation, but soon discovers some very strange things happening around town. Rather than get his own hands dirty (since you are a bureaucraft), you actually use your charisma to recruit normal townsfolk, like the baker or homeless guy, to investigate and fight your battles for you.

Resident Evil HD Remaster – January 20, 2015

Resident Evil HD

Relive the horror of the original, 1996 version of Resident Evil in this HD remastering that improves upon 2002’s “REmake.” Visit the mysterious mansion that sparked an entire franchise, enhanced for HD game platforms with improved resolutions and textures. What’s really neat is that you can choose to play between the classic 4:3 aspect ratio or bump it to the more modern 16:9 widescreen. There’s also the option to play with the classic control scheme of the original game or play with an alternative setup where the character moves directly in the direction of the analogue stick.

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected – January 20, 2015

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected is all of the fun we experienced on last-gen systems, now available on the current-gen. For those unfamiliar, you — the leader of the Saints — are now President of the United States. It’s up to you to defend the freedom of millions following a catastrophic alien invasion that transports you and the rest of the Saints to a bizarre Steelport simulation.

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell – January 20, 2015

Gat Out of Hell is a standalone expansion to Saints Row 4 that puts you in the shoes of Johnny Gat or Kinzie Kensington. When the leader of the Saints gets sucked into the pits of hell, it’s up to Gat and Kensington to go after him on a rescue mission where you’ll face demons, the horrors of the underworld, and the Devil himself.

Grim Fandango Remastered – January 27, 2015

Based on the acclaimed 1998 classic, this is a remake of Tim Schafer’s original adventure based on various legends of Mexican folklore. You play as Manny Calavera, a mid-level worker at the Department of Death who is trying to work off his sins in life so that he can get his final reward. As a reaper, Manny frees incoming souls from their shrouds, finds out what kind of underworld travel packages their goodness in life has earned them, and then sends them on their way; unfortunately, business isn’t that great right now. Calavera is told that he must sell a premium travel package to a soul or lose his job. From there, begins an epic adventure filled with dancing skeletons, crime, romance, and more.

Dying Light – January 27, 2015

Dying Light

Originally delayed, and then pushed back up, Dying Light is ready to make its debut this month. Developed by Techland, this first-person, action survival-horror game emphasizes parkour traversal through an urban environment overrun by a vicious outbreak. During the day, you’ll set out to scavenge for supplies, but at night the hunter becomes the hunted. Use the cover of darkness to hide from the infected at night as they become more aggressive and dangerous when the sun goes down.

Raven’s Cry – January 28, 2015

This dark action-adventure sees Christopher Raven embark on a vengeful quest to track down and kill the men who murdered his family. With events in-game seamlessly interwoven iwith historical ones, Raven’s Cry offers thrilling narrative that will challenge the image of pirates in pop culture.

Life is Strange – January 30, 2015

Life is Strange is an episodic, narrative-driven adventure game developed in collaboration between Square Enix and Dontnod. January marks the premiere of Episode 1 which sees the return of senior student Max Caulfield to the fictional town of Arcadia Bay. Reunited with her former friend Chloe, the two attempt to find out what happened to fellow student Rachel Amber, whose disappearance remains a mystery.