PS3 or Wii? I Wish That Wasn’t a Serious Question…

I know…I know. This can’t be serious, can it? Most gamers, given the choice of which to buy, would obviously choose a Playstation 3 over a Wii. This is especially true given the fact that the Wii U is on the horizon. However, what if an external force was pressuring you to get a Wii? Let’s call this external force a “girlfriend”. Late last night, I logged into Facebook to check my friends’ status updates before I went to bed. That’s when I came across this:

Facebook status whether to buy the Wii or PS3
Ladies, you’re only giving Daniel Tosh ammo with sh*t like this.

So, here we have one of my friends who received a PS3 from his girlfriend for his birthday, even though she wants a Wii. Out of guilt, he is considering trading that for a Wii instead. This is all to appease her. Obviously, he wanted a PS3 or she wouldn’t have bought it for him. As you can see, there is caution in the men’s responses. One declares that it is a trap, and another says that he’s a jerk whether he decides to keep it or return it; it’s a no-win situation. The women, though, exclaim “Wiiiiii,” in what I imagine to be a high-pitched squeal, and what some might consider to be the sound a banshee makes.

I don’t know what would cause these women to want a Wii over a PS3. Is it because Nintendo used a cute font? Is it because they think the games on the Wii are better or cuter than the PS3’s library? Or maybe they’re racist and don’t like the PS3 because it’s black. I don’t have the answer, but every single man that commented agreed that PS3 was the way to go.

They completely ignored my two comments (I’m the one with my name crossed off in blue). The PS3 can play Blu-ray movies, use Pandora and Facebook, and has hi-def gaming. The Wii–not so much. The PS3 has better first-person shooters, sports games play better, has the hottest title (Uncharted 3) coming out soon, and has superior online multiplayer. The Wii has a nunchuk, which guys stopped finding cool since their childhood, watching the movie Three Ninjas or dressing up like Michelangelo from TMNT. For every Zelda, the PS3 has a Kratos and a Nathan Drake to counter it. The only thing the Wii had going for it was the motion controller. With the Playstation Move motion controller, Nintendo can’t even brag about that anymore.

He’s going to get more life out of his PS3. The Wii is about to be replaced. It was groundbreaking upon release, but it can’t tread water anymore. You can only play WarioWare so many times…ya know? These girls didn’t think of these things. If they tried Little Big Planet they’d see how awesome Sackboy is and not care about Mario.

I’m so dumbfounded that this is even a question he had to take to Facebook, that I don’t even know how to end this freakin’ article. Keep the PS3 you idiot!

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