PS3 Slim Launch Skyrockets Sales Across the Globe

The PS3 Slim is certainly off to a great start in Japan and Europe where it launched simultaneously on September 1st. According to, sales of the hardware this past week jumped almost 1,000 percent in Europe and multiplied by a factor of literally 150 in Japan, where it had its highest weekly sales ever.

In Japan it could be said that the true launch of the Playstation 3 has finally arrived. The console sold around 150,000 units last week, most of them silm units. This is compared to the 88,000 units that sold upon the PS3’s Japanese launch and the less than 1,000 units that sold the week before the Slim launch.

That week’s numbers – less than one percent of Slim launch sales, are certainly a deflation caused in Japan by anticipation for the slim. Furthermore, the slim announcement in Japan was not met with a price drop for the older models like in North America.

Although didn’t receive actual PS3 slim sales numbers from their analysts, they reported an increase by a factor of 11 last week. “The uplift on week 36 on week 35 is plus 999 percent,”’s analyst revealed. “We don’t give out the hardware numbers, but never-the-less it’s a very large increase.” PS3 software sales increased by 17 percent in the UK last week – still in third place behind the 360 and Wii.

This past week also represented the PS3’s first week this year as the number one hardware on UK charts, doing triple what the Xbox 360, DS, and Wii sold. Sales of the PS3 also tripled in France upon the Slim launch, where the hardware sold 37,000 units last week compared to 12,000 the previous week.

This all bodes well for the PS3 going into the holiday season in which Sony expects to see a huge boost for the system. “There is an incredible value in PlayStation 3, and now at a lower price point,” SCEA’s senior director of communications Patrick Seybold told “We’re anticipating a banner run up to the crucial holiday selling season.”

Although the PS3 Slim launched simultaneously in Japan, Europe, and North America, North American numbers aren’t available yet, and they might not be until September NPDs come in mid-October. The price drop for all PS3 models in the middle of August in North America, along with certain stores there selling the Slim a week before its official launch, could reflect increased August NPD numbers later on this month.