PS3 a ‘Probable’ Target for Mass Effect 2

It looks like rumors for a PS3 port of Mass Effect 2 are only going to get worse from here on out. A few days ago, EA explained that the game was “mistakenly” listed as a PS3 title on a number of sites. While this is an understandable mixup, comments from Jay Watamaniuk would lead one to believe that there may actually be some validity to this rumor. At a gaming event in Poland this week, the Bioware spokesman mentioned that their latest entry into the Mass Effect franchise is targeted at owners of the Xbox 360, PC and “probably PS3.”

According to Polygamia, Watamaniuk attempted to avoid his speculation-provoking statement. Could he simply have made a mistake? I hardly doubt it. With both “mistaken” online listings and mention from one of Bioware’s very own on the topic, I’d wouldn’t be surprised if the famed RPG developer is seriously considering bringing the Mass Effect franchise to the PS3. We’ll let you know more as soon as Bioware is willing to shed some light on the topic.

As for now, expect Mass Effect 2 to be released on January 26 on the Xbox 360.