Prototype Name for Sony Motion Controller is Truly Outrageous… Truly, Truly, Truly Outrageous

Word came in earlier today that Electronic Arts Chief Executive Officer John Riccitiello let slip the mysterious name of Sony’s PlayStation 3 motion controller as “Gem.” And as it turns out, that is the controller’s name… or at least, one of them.

Director of Communications for Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Patrick Seybold, responded to inquiries that the name “Gem” was “an early code name for the product.” He added, “We haven’t announced final name at this point.”

Kotaku notes, “While no name has been made final and official just yet, the Sony statement this morning does leave open the chance that Gem could be the final name after all. But it’s clearly not the official name today.”

And to reader Shaykana, I had the exact same thought when I first saw the story, before I even read the comments for the story. Using “Gem” as the final name would certainly make it memorable, particularly with that catchy theme song.