Project Ego – Fully Loaded Updates

Firstly, here are 9 new screenshots for you guys to drool over.

Second, Big Blue Box has posted two speeches they made at the Game Developer Conference.

  • Organic Development Process
  • Modelling lush and expansive environments

    And finally; Dene Carter addressed the unfortunate news that Project Ego will have a playing time of approx. 20 hours last night with the following forum post last night.

    For those who feel disappointed:

    Remember, we’re trying to make an RPG for people who would usually never consider buying an RPG.

    We asked a whole load of people what they thought would stop them from buying RPGs. The feedback we received overwhelmingly supported a richer, denser, more intense experience. They actively HATED feeling that they had to trawl through a huge game and (in 80% of cases) would never finish it.

    We want people to realise that there are numerous ways to play the game. With 100+ hours, nobody would ever bother, or even find out. That would be a waste of our core game concept.

    You can check out other regular project ego updates at EgoManiacs

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