Pop Producer Pitches Pokemon MMO

Sometimes, all it takes is just hearing someone say something to inspire an idea.

Just a few days ago, a developer from EA Mythic said that if anyone cracked a console MMO, it would be Nintendo. Lo and behold, word now comes that a Pokemon MMO has been pitched… though not by anyone inside Nintendo.

Nnooo, who developed Pop for WiiWare, has said that they are actually pitching such a project to Nintendo, among numerous other ideas they’re pitching to developers. “We have a concept for a cool Pokemon MMORPG,” they said on their website.

One has to wonder if they ever confuse being told “no” for an approval.

CVG speculates that while it’s unlikely that a company as small as theirs could produce such a title, there remains the possibility that Nintendo could buy it out and supplement the workforce. “That is, unless Nintendo isn’t actually working on a Pokemon MMO. Given the obvious possibilities of wandering around challenging players and collecting Pokemon, we’d be surprised if Miyamoto hadn’t got a few people locked away somewhere working on it.”