Pokémon X & Y Cheats: How to make money fast

If there is one thing a Pokemon Trainer can never have enough of, its money. Think of all the Ultra Balls and Hyper Potions one goes through to catch 'em all and make sure they're in top condition at any given moment. After you exhausted every Trainer battle on every route, you'll be left wondering, well now what? Turns out, there are many ways you can still make a lot of dough.

There are a few items and skills that will help you out in maximizing your profits. After you attain them, you'll be able to participate in a few different battles in the Battle Chateau and Restaurant Le Wow in Lumiose City for some awesome profits.

Amulet Coin

This handy item will increase your winnings in battles, making it an absolute must have on any of your main six Pokemon. The beauty is that you can get this item relatively early on, increasing your winnings throughout most of the game.

This item can be found in Parfum Palace on the second floor. Go to the room on the left and look in front of the fire place. Voila! You now own the Amulet Coin. Equip it on one of your Pokemon and enjoy more money.

Use O-Powers

Using these should be a no-brainer since they're always helpful to various situations, whether you want an easier time catching Pokemon or gaining more Experience. There is also an O-Power that increases your winnings. Combined with the Amulet Coin will net you some sweet earnings. What's more, the O-Powers level up the more you use them, increasing their effectiveness.

In order to find this O-Power, you'll need to go to the second floor of Cyllage City Hotel, and find Mr. Bonding (He's the one dressed in a punk suit). 

Now that you have these two items, it's time to put them to good use.

Spend a day (or more) in the Battle Chateau

The Battle Chateau on Route 7 is a place you can visit early on and therefore get some sweet money out of it. However, there is a better way to make money even quicker.

By buying the Writ of Invitation for $50,000, the Chateau will constantly be flooded by a bunch of trainers. While they won't generate a lot of money from the outset, repeating the process of leaving the Chateau after they're all defeated and coming back to defeat new trainers will net you a lot of money if you're dedicated enough to stay there for a long time.

Obviously, the key here is to have the Amulet Coin on you as well as keeping the Prize Money O-Power on.

Get rich quick in Restaurant Le Wow

The real money maker is in Lumiose City. However, there are two prerequisites to getting in. First, you need to have 100,000 in order to dine there (battle) and you also have to be stylish enough to be let in. Don't worry though, just visit every single vendor in Lumiose City, buy something, and you'll get style in no time.

Enter a Double Battle and make sure Amulet Coin is equipped. Also put on that O-Power for good measure and you're good to go. The key here is that you want to maximize the number of Rare Balm Mushrooms you get as a reward. To do this, you have to complete the battle in a certain amount of turns, not more and not less. For example, some meals require you to wait two turns until they achieve perfect temperature to eat, that means you have to either make sure that you don't knock out the opposing Pokemon before those turns, or use items.

After winning, you'll be awarded with 22 Balm Mushrooms, which will sell for 137,500. Combined with the earnings from the fight, this will be a great way to farm an absurd amount of money.