Pokémon X & Y Cheats: How to get max style in Lumiose City

The folks in Lumiose City really appreciate a Pokémon trainer with some style. Improving your style will give you all kinds of perks, such as additional hairstyles, discounts, and new PR video effects. Most importantly, it'll give you access to the incredibly useful Hatching O-Power. You can easily reap the benefits of Max Style with just a little bit of money and effort.


There's a lot to do in Lumiose, and each task you complete will make you a little more stylish. If you follow our Lumiose City guide, you'll be close to Max Style in no time. While anything you do in the city will make you more stylish, some things will give you bigger boosts than others. You'll get the biggest increases from talking to Alexa at Lumiose Press, testing a team at the Battle Institute, and completing jobs at Hotel Richissime.

If you have a hard time navigating Lumiose, you needn't worry. Taking a taxi or riding a Gogoat to your desired location will also give you a sizable style boost. Don't have the cash for a cab? Try riding while broke. When it comes time to pay your fare, you'll have the chance to battle the cab driver. If you win, you'll actually make money off your ride. 


If you want to reach Max Style as quickly as possible, there's an easy way to do it. Head on over to the Poké Ball Boutique on Autumnal Avenue and start buying Premier Balls one at a time. Every time you make a purchase, your style level will rise, and since a Premier Ball is only 200 Pokémon dollars, you'll be able to increase your style without breaking the bank. When you're finished, you can sell back every ball you've purchased.

While you should make sure you never buy more than one ball at once, you don't have to close the shop window for this trick to work. Just select a Premier Ball, tell the shop clerk "Yes", and repeat the process. If you idly hit the A button as you watch a TV show, you should be at Max Style by the next commercial break. Using this method, I was able to reach Max Style after buying about 70 Premier Balls. Depending on how much you've done in Lumiose, it may take you more purchases or less.


Max style Lumiose City

Want to see how close you are to achieving Max Style? Head on over to the Stone Emporium on Vernal Plaza. There's a man in the back of the store that will sell you Mega Stones for the Kanto starters you didn't pick. Those who have no style at all will have to pay 1,000,000 a stone, but as your style level goes up, the price will lower. Once he's willing to sell it for just 10,000, you're at Max Style!

Maxing your style won't take much time at all, and it's more than worth the effort. If you plan on breeding Pokémon, the Hatching O-Power is a must have, and the other perks are a lot of fun. The special hairstyles make you character feel more unique, and the additional PR video options will let you achieve some really cool stuff. Even if you're sartorially challenged, you can enjoy all the benefits of being fashionable in Lumiose City.