Pokémon Snap’s VC Release Will Use Wii’s Message Board

N64’s Pokémon Snap will be hitting the Japanese Virtual Console in December and according to Dengeki Japan, players will be able to send their Poké-photos to their Wii message boards and then send them to friends.

Nintendo has almost entirely remained true to their word that VC games will remain identical to their original releases but this announcement is not be the first update a VC game has received. One such update was to Mach Rider which allowed players to save the tracks that the player created and with save states, many games have allowed for extended features because the game does not reset when the system is turned off.

What many will hope for is that this is the first of many upgrades to come and that online matches, leaderboards and even Wii Remote integration may be in our future for the VC. For now, Nintendo seems very intent to keep VC games exact to their originals but that does not mean developers can take them over to Wii Ware and add the online features that everyone wishes the VC had.

AMN will keep you updated.