PlayStation3 Home Update Brings BUZZ! HQ and Fight Night Spaces

PlayStation Network users will be getting a generous update today, as many big name spaces will be making their way on to Home. The two big heavy hitters in this update are the Fight Night and Buzz! HQ spaces that are included in the update. If those don’t wet your whistle some updates for Namco are also included in the update, so there’s something for everyone!

Buzz HQ! is launching, which will give players the ability to link up with 64 other players and put their wits to the test online. In addition, the questions used for Buzz HQ! will be user driven from, where you can make and upload your own questions for the Buzz HQ! game. PlayStation has also said that prizes will be available to win, but no details have surfaced as to what they might be.

The Fight Night Space also goes live today letting you saunter into a night club type atmosphere. You can get your groove on with a DJ game, acquire rewards, and of course meet up with other online users. The Space has a lot planned for it, new mini-games and virtual items are planned for the new Space.

The other notable mention is if you nab the Namco Museum Essentials available in the PlayStation Store, you can rack up a ton of rewards for Home. By doing so, you have will have access to many more gaming cabinets including Xevious: Resurrection and Dragon Spirit, just to name a few.

Quite a hefty update today, but Sony being Sony they have plans for more content, such as releasing the Namco Bandai Arcade coming to Home in the near future. But don’t be stuck here reading this article! Go play some Buzz HQ! Or rock out some Fight Night turn table action… on second thought, the trivia sounds better.