PlayStation 3 Owners Want Final Fantasy XIII More Than Xbox 360 Owners

At last year’s E3, Square Enix blew the roof off the place when they revealed that they would be releasing the long-thought PlayStation 3 exclusive Final Fantasy XIII on the rival Xbox 360. However, in spite of the uproar over the news, it appears that PlayStation 3 owners still want it more.

According to info gathered by OTX for the March/April period, multiplatform games make up the majority of the top 20 most wanted PlayStation 3 games, though the platform still finds itself in the unique position of having more first-party exclusive titles on its list than both members of its competition combined, totaling four in all.

While Final Fantasy XIII has the lead in purchase intent, it’s not alone; only just behind it is God of War III. What’s more, fans of Kratos seem a little more willing to part with money to insure they get the game on launch day by way of preorders.

For more information regarding the study, visit the article at Gamasutra.