Play this game and show 49ers’ Kyle Williams how to return a punt

Are you a 49ers fan?  Are you still mourning your overtime loss to the New York Giants?  Are you one of the many people sending death threats to punt returner Kyle Williams after his fumble in overtime to seal your team's fate?  ***Note: GameZone does not endorse death threats to anyone, unless it's Lindsey Lohan, SOPA, and the Oakland Raiders***  Well, 49ers fans, today might be your lucky day. 

Instead of watching those two awful punt returners over and over on your DVR, you can now play this awesome game and pretend that you're the 49ers return man.  Return Man 2 puts you in the role of a punt returner.  You catch the punt — not let it hit your knee — and follow three blockers to the endzone, avoiding defenders along the way.  On the field are speed boost power-ups to help you.  Each time you return a punt for a touchdown, you advance a level, completing multiple levels for each stage.

49ers Kyle williams sad

If only he played some Return Man 2…

Sometimes the field changes to snowy or rainy conditions, causing your player to slide before coming to a stop.  As you complete stages, you unlock special moves like a spin move and stiff arm.  Once you get to the endzone, your player does a celebration, such as taking popcorn out and throwing it onto his face.  You do all of this to get a high score and compare it against others online.

This is a great way to kill some time, have fun, and do something with all your kick return anger instead of threatening a second year NFL player who fumbled a return.

You can download the game