Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare DLC, Garden Variety is a great addition to the game

This past Tuesday, March 18th, Popcap released the Garden Variety Pack add-on — for FREE — for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. I can't stress free enough, because this is a fun game and I feel like microtransactions could ruin that. Getting free stuff when the game is barely a month old is pretty great. The pack adds new abilities and customization items, as well as a new map, but the big draw here is the new game mode: Gnome Bomb.

Gnome Bomb gives both the Plants and Zombies three spots, "A, B, and C," and places a neutral bomb in the middle. Both sides will fight over the bomb. The goal is to set the bomb at one of the other team's spots, plant it, defend it while it ticks down, and blow up that spot. One side wins when they blow up all three of the other team's spots. It's simple yet fun, and it's a much needed jolt considering the game really only has two other competitive modes. 

The Garden Variety Pack add-on also adds a few new packs for players to purchase with coins. At the 20,000 coin level, there's new packs for just Zombie parts, and another for just Plants parts. This is a great way for players to focus on a specific side's unlocks. 

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