PixelJunk 1-4 by any other name still smells like PixelJunk…

PixelJunk, the studio behind PixelJunk Monsters, Eden and Racers, unveiled their next game about a month ago. The trailer (which you can catch after the break) came with gameplay footage, but no name. The studio labelled it “PixelJunk 1-4” and then shoved it out the front door to live on its own in the wild.

Then they hosted a contest. Whoever could properly name “1-4” would win a credit in the game and a T-Shirt. That winner is Mario Paquet from Canada. PixelJunk Shooter is the name that one the game, and the talent behind the art of the game itself came up with the logo you’ll see above.

There will be an updated demo of the game at E3, so expect impressions from us once we get a chance to give it a go.

Hit the break for the trailer for PixelJunk Shooter.