Picking Up Press and Controversy Early: Six Days in Fallujah

No one immediately would have thought after the battle of Fallujah that it would be one of the more memorable battles in the Iraq War. Because of its importance during the Iraq War in June 2005, Konami is getting ready to release Six Days in Fallujah, a shooter game about the intense fighting that went on in the war torn city.

The game is attracting a lot of attention on two fronts, the first being that it was a game made closely with the Marines who actually fought in Fallujah. The Marines told their stories to the writers and developers of the game so the levels would be direct representations of the locations they held and the houses they captured during the firefight.

As you can imagine, the game’s real life details and ongoing battle in Iraq are causing some controversy, and there are mixed feelings about releasing the game so soon after the actual battle. Konami Marketing Executive Anthony Crouts said:

“We want to be crystal-clear. We’re not into making social commentaries. We’re not saying the war is good (or) bad. We’re looking at making a game experience based on historical events, tying into the actual Marines who were on the ground, telling their story.”

The game isn’t set to be released until 2010, but it is already picking up attention from the public. Controversy has stemmed from the game’s real life details because of the ongoing war in Iraq. Even without the controversy, the game will be sure to make a splash in 2010.