Phillip Levin, AMN Games Editor in Chief, Declared Team Member of the Year 2006-2007

Phillip Levin, AMN Games Editor in Chief, Declared Team Member of the Year 2006-2007

Once a year, Advanced Media takes great pleasure in awarding one outstanding individual from within our organization with the prestige Team Member of the Year award. Awarded each year during the Electronics Entertainment Expo, this award goes to the individual who demonstrated the highest form of consistency, integrity, and overall work ethic over the past year.

Advanced Media President, Ken Cauley, and Vice President, Sean O’Neill, had the following to say congratulating Phillip on his day of triumph.

Ken Cauley
Advanced Media has been and continues to be honored with his consistent excellence in leadership and integrity. Over the past year, he has grown along-side Advanced Media in every possible way demonstrating he has what it takes to not only perform his duties and responsibilities as Editor in Chief, but excel beyond the call of duty. Phillip has proven himself to be one of the most talented individuals working within the world of online media and a growing voice within the Video Game industry. Over the past year, his positive actions and attitude has given me no doubt in awarding him as Team Member of the Year.

Sean O’Neill
Phil has been an essential part of this puzzle we call AMN. Under his guidance and leadership we have tightened up our content, expanded our audience and gained wide recognition for our editorial pieces. Phil provides the kind of drive and dedication that have helped our company grow. The thing that makes him a great leader and my choice for Team Member of the Year is the passion he demonstrates in his job duties and the extent of his loyalty and friendship to his fellow Team Members. So Phil, congrats bud, you worked so hard this last year I hope all us at AMN and the loyal readership can take a moment and give you a round of applause.

The Team Member of the Year Award bestows Phillip with a wood congratulatory plaque that is engraved and time stamped in his honor. Due to the downsized nature of E3, the majority of AMN Team Members are unable to attend the conference to personally award Phillip. With this in mind, the plaque will be given to Phillip on a later day. On that day, you can expect Phillip to showcase his award in a blog post.

On behalf of the entire Advanced Media Network and our most loyal readers… congratulations Phillip!

Previous Team Member of the Year Winners:

  • Shawn Sinclaire (2005-2006)