Peggle for Nintendo DS Gets Officially Dated

PopCap games have made a killing following a simple three step plan:

  1. Create an addictive game that appeals to both hardcore gamers and alpha moms.
  2. Sell said game for every platform known to man.
  3. Count your money.

It looks like they will come one step closer to accomplishing their goal of world domination, announcing a new installment of Peggle coming to the Nintendo DS.

“The Nintendo DS version of the addictive puzzle title is coming to the handheld on March 3, 2009.

The game, dubbed Peggle: Dual Shot in keeping with the DS’ theme of games using the system’s acronym as a subtitle, is being developed by Q Entertainment, the group responsible for Rez and Lumines.

Though the game is slated to have features not yet seen in Peggle’s PC or iPod incarnations, neither Q nor Peggle creator PopCap has yet revealed exactly what those new features will be.” — Wired

I actually owe alot to Peggle. The iPod version was the only thing that kept me awake in calculus classes all through college. It was not that the game was all that great, it was just good, clean, mindless fun. You can bet that my wife won’t be seeing her DS much in March.