Peek into inFamous 2

It’s been a while since the first inFamous game, but come June 7, players will once again control the electrically-powered everyman Cole MacGrath. Sucker Punch is finalizing the game now, perfecting any last details for the “it” summer PS3 game of 2011. Cole is in a new town (New Marais) and has some ice- and fire-powered ladies to deal with. With a fresh new adventure, a revamped appearance, and more, fans have a lot to look forward to.

I’m anticipating the new abilities. By choosing to align with good or bad karma, Cole can harness the powers of ice or fire, both of which will prove helpful when taking on pesky enemies.

Of course, electricity is the most important feature in the game, and Cole has an endless supply of it. From gigawatt blades to lightning storms, Cole brings a lot of power to every attack. However, the attacks from the old game aren’t the only ones making an appearance in inFamous 2. June brings the pre-order special ability “Sniper Blast,” which allows Cole to unleash a focused electrical blast. This baby doesn’t have the widest attack radius, but it does a ton of damage.

Considering inFamous 2’s new user-generated content, lots of gamers should be eager to design levels and challenges with Sniper Blast in mind. I can think of plenty, such as enemies that must be picked off from a distance, or even mini-game challenges that require specialized control over the ability.

What are you looking forward to in inFamous 2? Packing brand new skills, an unexplored city, and some awesome DLC, inFamous 2 is sure to make your summer a blast.