PCB Says “Sorry, No Syphon Filter 5 or SOCOM 4 Yet”

Yesterday, PlayStation LifeStyle pointed out that motion capture studio PCB added another game to their Sony resume in the form of SOCOM 4, which followed a report from earlier this year that they had also done motion capture for Syphon Filter 5. And it seems they caught wind of the news spreading about them, and chose to address it.

Speaking to CVG, a rep confirmed that those listings, along with those of a Red Steel project for PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360, were simply errors: “I apologize for the confusion. There appears to be some errors on our credits,” they explained. “Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror was recorded a few years back with Image Metrics, and we recorded Red Steel for the Wii.”

They did throw something of a bone, noting “We recently worked on Socom FTB 3 for the PSP.”

So, that clears that up, though it leads one to wonder just how such mistakes are made… and so repeatedly, at that. Perhaps they’re trying to cover something? Not to play conspiracy theorist, but the two simplest explanations are that someone is making stuff up, or someone said something they weren’t supposed to. Or, they have no idea what they are doing.