Pachter: Third-Party Xbox 360 Integration Impractical, Too Expensive

Michael Pachter is somewhat of a motherly figure. He regularly gives intelligent advice, constantly takes flack from immature gamers (Which is worse: “He gets paid for this?” or “Your mom”?), and today, he’s even putting a rumor to bed, and tucking it in tight. Oh, and I’m sure he bakes dynamite lemon cakes as well.

While discussing the recent rumor about third-party Xbox 360 hardware, Pachter noted that the idea of combining the Xbox 360 with another device seems impractical.

“To add 360 functionality to another consumer electronics device, such as a Blu-ray player, the manufacturer would incur relatively significant additional cost. That would place the hybrid device at a disadvantage.”

Additionally, Pachter noted that the Xbox 360 lacks the ubiquity of a DVD drive, making it a hard sell in many cases.

However, an Xbox 360-DVD-Blu-Ray-Deep Fryer monstrosity wouldn’t be a total failure. Pachter explained, “I think it may be possible as a way to penetrate more difficult markets like Japan, but don’t really see how it would work in practice in other markets.”

Just mostly a total failure.

So, would you throw down some extra cash if your TV came equipped with an Xbox 360? Or is Michael “Your Mom” Pachter right as rain once again?