Over 300 Killzone 2 Ads Pulled in Toronto, Canada

Geez. Everyone is so sensitive these days. It’s just a good thing most sensitive people aren’t as proactive as others. Images of “war and violence” prevalent in ads for Killzone 2 have been pulled in Toronto, Canada. A school teacher with the intentions of Protecting The Children is responsible, complaining that the images were “shocking” and it depicted scenes of war, like one would see in Iraq. Wow. What’s next, pulling ads for war movies? Because, you know, there HAVE been movies made about the entire conflict.

Davis Mirza is the teacher in question, claiming that the move was indeed to protect the well-being of his students, who are likely shooting up hookers in GTAIV. He swiftly emailed Sony Computer Entertainment Canada after taking note of such Terrifying Images as a “menacing head with glowing eyes.”

“My kids, who come from a lot of different countries, who have to experience violence, who basically come here to seek shelter and safety, that’s the stuff they don’t need to see.”

SCEC complied, taking down the ads so as not to offend anyone or harm any precious children. Following suit, councilor Pam McConnell asked that more ads be taken down from Regent Park in the Toronto area. As a result, Sony took the liberty of removing all 300 ads littered throughout the area. Better to go ahead and get it over with than to face more complaints, right?

Protecting The Children takes precedence again, forgoing the fact that there are worse ads throughout the country that our precious babes are subjected to. I mean, have you seen the latest Calvin Klein ad? Have you?