Over £20 million in Damage Caused to Homes by Wii Fit

Nintendo just can’t seem to catch a break. They release the Wii, and add a wrist-strap so people might not javelin their Wii remotes across the room. That didn’t work, and so they issued replacement straps for the remotes, and later even ate a huge expense to provide silicon jackets for their innovative-yet-abused controller.

And all seemed to be well. Until people found some other way to wreck their houses.

A poll by women only insurance firm Sheila’s Wheels reveals that users of Miyamoto’s latest creation have caused up to £20 million of damage to their homes while making use of the Wii’s Balance Board. Almost one in five women polled admit to causing accidents while using the peripheral, among which were bumps into furniture and smashed flowerpots, not to mention bumping their head and pulling their muscles.

Of those polled, 86 percent said they either own Wii Fit already, or were looking to purchase it.

Don’t think you can really blame Nintendo on this one, though; while I have not yet played Wii Fit, I do know that Nintendo is pretty adamant about various warnings in their games, their Wii games in particular, telling you to clear stuff out of the way before you break everything (and everyone).