OTX Data Shows Xbox 360 Console Defections to PlayStation 3 for Holiday Sequels

While Ken might be baffled by the number of people who are going to buy Modern Warfare 2 on the PlayStation 3 over the Xbox 360 (see Editor’s Note in the sidebar), it would seem that such a development does not come as a surprise to OTX’s GamePlan Insights. Data they’ve provided to Gamasutra shows that many of those in the market to purchase a sequel this holiday season might be switching over to the Sony style of life, and for more than just one major release.

“In addition to identifying the cash-strapped consumer’s most-wanted games for the holiday season, GamePlan Insights previously examined “franchise lineage,” or gamer intent to purchase sequels to favorite games,” the site says.

Nick Williams, analyst for OTX, says that franchise lineage data displays an interesting trend between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of not just Modern Warfare 2, but Assassin’s Creed II as well– the two top-ranking games on the latest charts which show “intent to purchase,” as well as two with the strongest franchise lineage.

Their data shows that fifteen percent of those who are planning to purchase Assassin’s Creed II own the original on the Xbox 360. Conversely, only seven percent of those planning to purchase the Xbox 360 version of the sequel owned the original on PlayStation 3.

Williams says this highlights a shift among a “sizable portion” of Assassin’s Creed fans toward a console defection to the PlayStation 3. Furthermore, they say the trend for Modern Warfare 2 is the same. “The PS3 seems poised to shift the ratio of Xbox 360 to PS3 sales for most major multi-platform releases in its favor among dual owners,” said Williams.

Unfortunately, what the article does not disclose is how many of those who are “defecting” to the PlayStation 3 are Xbox 360 owners who might be jaded after having the machine break down on them. I bet those numbers might be telling.