Origen Xbox 360

Registered by Microsoft, a new website, Origen Xbox 360 has gone up today, featuring a countdown and a tree with a rabbit which appears to be hiding something that looks like it could be a Xbox 360 system.

The word itself unsurprisingly means “origin” in Spanish, while the countdown reaches its end on September 26, which does not coincide with major events such as the Tokyo Game Show or X05.

Alice in Wonderland, anyone?

Going further, a hidden page on the site has been discovered that displays a login screen confirmed as the standard Microsoft Press Release login page.

Some indeed mysterious text appears on the login page:

Up to the race there will be 1000+ London wide, running clinics, woke SWOT team that turn up, morning (Gyms) Lunch Times (Tube Stations) Evening (Tube Stations) They’ll look after your bags, split the group up into varying standard, give advice and then go on runs.

The appearance of this website suggests another foray into viral marketing by Microsoft. (ilovebees.com and OurColony.net being past ones)

We’ll have more as it breaks.