One Thing Some People May Not Like About MadWorld

There’s a lot to love about MadWorld; just see for yourself. But unfortunately, it looks like there’s also one thing that people won’t love, and I’m not just talking about those people who condemn video games for ever daring to exist, either.

From his blog, IGN’s Matt Casamassina tells the tale of a World gone Mad that runs only in 480i widescreen, rather than 480p. “But to be fair,” he adds, “it still looks so damned good that I didn’t notice. Only when I went to capture some videos and my equipment read it as 480i did I realize the truth.”

I’m not even really sure what the difference is, but then, I don’t yet own a widescreen TV, either. But as Matt says, 480p is “kind of a big deal” for Wii owners, and rather than laziness, he thinks they simply didn’t know, which would then be “a failing of Nintendo for not making 480p the standard or, very least, encouraging developers to support it.”

Of course, if it required video capture equipment to even make this fact apparent, then perhaps it could just as easily be a case of the developers figuring it wasn’t needed. Just out of curiosity, does such a thing affect memory or other resources?