Okami Covers Are in the Mail…Disaster Recovery Begins!

The poor schmoe that decided to pick the cover art of Okami for the Wii that posted on IGN to send to the printers is probably living in a dirty subway somewhere as I write this. He or she is probably picking gum off of the railings just sustain his (or her) life. Odds are this person will die of starvation before the replacement covers reach those that will likely cherish their IGN watermaked cases for years to come. I know I’m keeping my watermark! But the shipment is too little too late for this poor bastard’s image and reputation.

Damage control runs full speed ahead! The folks at Joystiq have pointed to the shipment of this new cover sheets from Capcom! Those that have been waiting ages now can breathe a collective sign of relief. Doesn’t that feel better?

Anyone out there holding on to Capcom’s embarrassment like me? I’ll treasure this one until the day I die.