Not getting a next-gen console? You still have plenty to look forward to

The newest generation of gaming is almost upon us. By the time this month is over, PS3s and 360s will officially be "last gen" machines. While some gamers are eagerly awaiting their brand new Xbox One or PlayStation 4, the rest of us are stuck with the consoles we already have.

However, the curtain hasn't fallen on this generation just yet. There are a number of great looking games on the horizon. Here are a few of the many reasons you don't need a next gen console to have a good time.

Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2 looks to be the most hardcore and harrowing Souls game yet. The relentlessly difficult action-RPG, will, like its predecessors, be set in an open world where other players can help or hinder your progress. While Dark Souls 2 promises to be more accessible than previous games in the series, it definitely won't be easy. Reports from the beta describe it as a ruthless game aimed squarely at those who desire a real challenge.

There's nothing else quite like the Souls games, and if you're a fan of the previous titles, this is a must play. From the expanded Covenants feature to the upgraded AI to the massive new world, it looks like the stuff of dreams – or nightmares. It'll be hitting the Xbox 360, PS3, and PCs in 2014.

Classic RPG Remakes

Kingdom Hearts 2.5

This generation has been short on the sort of classic RPG experiences we had in the past. Thankfully, we'll have a chance to relive those old adventures through a series of HD remakes. Players will get to travel back to Spira in the Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster, pick up their trusty keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix, and unseal temples in Tales of Symphonia Chronicles

These games may not be new, but they're packed to the brim with new content. Symphonia Chronicles offers fun new costumes, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 includes brand new cutscenes and mini-games, and X/X-2 HD will allow many gamers to experience the International Version content for the first time. Even if you've beat all these games before, they'll give you plenty of reasons to pick up your controller again. 

Until Dawn

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a teen slasher movie? Supermassive's Until Dawn will give you the chance. The game promises elaborate death scenes, jump scares, and horror movie tropes galore. Players will be able to use the PlayStation Move controller as a flashlight, which conjures up memories of the excellent Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. If you're not a fan of the Move, you'll be able to enjoy all the spooky goodness with your DualShock.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure game

Whether you're fan of the source material or just like fighters, the kookily titled JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle looks like it'll be an absolute blast to play. There are all kinds of interesting gameplay mechanics at work here, from the many activatable stage hazards to the unlockable mini-games. There's a surprising amount of character customization available, and the story mode looks fantastic. 

This game has already been released in Japan, where it received excellent reviews. Famitsu gave it a perfect score, and the title took top honors at the 2012 Japan Game Awards. Hopefully, it'll be just as well received when it's released internationally. 

South Park: The Stick of Truth

South Park Obsidian Game

This game's been delayed several times, but it definitely looks like it'll be worth the wait. Trailers for South Park: The Stick of Truth prove that it's perfectly captured the look and feel of the show. Obsidian has a solid track record, but this is something different for them, and it'll be great to see what they do with a game like this. 

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Castlevania LOS 2

Fancy a Dracula simulator? Lords of Shadow 2 will give gamers a chance to control the world's most famous vampire – and he definitely doesn't sparkle. This game appears to be taking the Castlevania franchise in a new direction, and will feature a modern setting and an open world. 

While the first Lords of Shadow game was fun, its sequel looks like it'll improve upon it in every way. The fixed camera is no more, there are fewer quick-time events, and the game is much less linear. Its release is only a few months away, but it'll definitely be hard to wait for. 

Sure, the next generation of gaming may be exciting, but there's still plenty for PS3 and 360 owners to get psyched about. Any upcoming current gen games you can't wait to play? Be sure to mention them in the comments.