North American Final Fantasy XIII Release Date Coming Soon?

While Final Fantasy XIII is set for a PS3-exclusive release in Japan next month, the bigger question has been when Square Enix would announce a release date for its multiplatform overseas release.

However, Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada revealed in an earning conference last week, translated by, that the international release of FFXIII is “progressing smoothly”, and could be out before the end of the fiscal year in North America and Europe. That’s “by April” in industry speak.

Okay, so now we know when the game could be coming out, but the question remains…when will we get our release date? Well, that question may have been answered as well.

Square-Enix posted an odd anagram on the official North American Final Fantasy XIII website:“A Henchmen Inventor Tent Onto”. Without much difficulty, you could probably decipher this into “Announcement Nov Thirteenth”, meaning Square-Enix will be making an FFXIII related announcement on that date. Is it the release date? Stay tuned to find out.