North American Final Fantasy XIII Ad May Reveal Release Date

While Japanese gamers have the comfort of knowing that the latest entry in the Final Fantasy series will be available by year’s end, North American gamers are left to wonder exactly when in the Spring of next year they’ll get their chance to explore the world of Cocoon. Well, it looks like that may change very soon based off of a casting call for a North American advertisement for the game.

According to Siliconera, the LA based Liz Paulson Casting commercial ad agency is currently looking for someone to read the script that will reveal an “exclusive, never before seen look at Final Fantasy XIII.” Not only that, but a note about unveiling the release date is included as well.

Since this is just a casting call, the commercial still has yet to be produced. So, if Square-Enix does decide to make the big reveal via commercial, we’ve still got a few months to wait. Regardless, it’s just nice to know that we’ll finally be getting another quality Final Fantasy title relatively soon.