Nomura Speaks to Famitsu About Next Kingdom Hearts

I know that a lot of people out there are just chomping at the bit for the next Kingdom Hearts game. However, I hope their hearts aren’t set on it starring Sora… or being Kingdom Hearts III, for that matter.

The Examiner reports that the latest issue of Famitsu contains an interview with creator Tetsuya Nomura, and that he addresses the future of the franchise following Birth by Sleep, which was just released in Japan.

As you might have guessed from having read this far, he reveals that the next installment in the series will not star original protagonist Sora, nor will it be a proper “Kingdom Hearts III.” Instead, the main character will be another person who will become central to the ongoing saga, and the title will help to connect the complicated stories spread across the previous chapters of the saga.

In addition, he says he would like to release a new KH game each year to keep the fans happy, which would seemingly put the new game on track for a 2011 release. But when asked about KHIII in 2010, Nomura declined to comment.

Hmm, so we have Sora, Roxas, and this new guy. With any luck, maybe they can team up and invoke another Disney-owned property and become Keyblade-wielding Power Rangers (I think the team minimum is three, but it can grow).

Yeah, I’d definitely buy that.