No Nudity or Child Killing in Fallout 3

Going into E3, Fallout 3 is absolutely one of my top 3 games I’m most excited to see. I got to see it last E3, and it was definitely my Game of Show. Although I have to wait until E3 to play the game for myself, Bethesda is at least giving us a little taste of what to expect when we see Fallout 3 next week. The dev has posted a huge fan Q&A on its forums, discussing in-game themes like sexuality, nudity, romance, homosexuality, prostitution, cannibalism, slavery, child killings, drugs and addiction. Note that not every one of these themes will actually be in the game. Some will, yes, but Bethesda feels that stuff like being able to kill kids has no place in Fallout (and I happen to agree). To learn exactly what will be in Fallout 3, though, keep reading.

1) Which of the following, if any, will be featured in Fallout3; Romance, Sex, Homosexuality, Nudity, Prostitution, Slavery, Cannibalism, Children, Child killings, drugs, addictions? And of the things that won’t be featured, can you explain why they won’t be included in the game?

It touches on most of those. Slavery, children, drugs and addiction more than the others, as those factor for into the setting more. In regards to nudity and child killings, no, it features neither of those, as they don’t really add to the flavor of the game (I’ll get into children in the next question more). I think if you look at Fallout 1, and the footprint it has with the topics you ask about, Fallout 3 is pretty much the same, in that it features the types of things you mention at about the same rate, no more, no less. Drugs and drug addiction play a larger role perhaps, as it’s a key gameplay device. I think the heart of this question is “has the harshness and maturity of the world of Fallout 3 been tempered from the earlier games?” and I can certainly say “No, it hasn’t been.”

Read more of the Q&A by clicking the link below.