No More Heroes PS3, 360 Loses Motion-Control

If you ever wondered what would happen if you took the original No More Heroes, updated the graphics, and got rid of motion controls, wonder no more – that’s exactly what you’ll be getting with No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise.

Putting aside arguments about whether wand-waggling is even fun to begin with, NMH’s tongue-in-cheek use of the Wiimote set it apart from anything else on the Wii, so it’s all the more surprising that Marvelous Entertainment has removed that part of the game. Instead, PS3 and 360 owners will receive a tried-and-true analog controller experience.

Read on to find out why the new version won’t be taking advantage of Natal or Sony’s motion wand.

Marvelous Entertainment President Yasuhiro Wada told Edge their focus is to broaden NMH’s appeal. “…Since the concept for the remake is to bring the game to a wider audience, we aren’t currently considering to use uncommon new technology,” he said.

“Basically everything will be controlled using the analog controller. We are reworking the control scheme to improve the sense of being in the game.”

In other words, Marvelous feels motion-controls would narrow Heroes’ Paradise appeal. Makes sense considering the current PS3 and 360 demographics, but still an interesting move.

It sounds like networked features are also a no-go: “In the future, if we are able to put out something truly new in the future, we’d like to include in-depth online functions.”