Nintendo Wii Holiday Gift Guide

uDraw Game Tablet by THQ

A creative device, the uDraw Game Tablet is the latest advancement for peripheral technology for the Nintendo Wii. As more software becomes available for the platform – Pictionary, uDraw Studio, and Dood’s Big Adventure are releases thus far – the further it will thrive and open new possibilities for the Wii’s longevity.

Price: $69.99
Official Website

Thrustmaster T-Freestyle NW

Take the Nintendo Balance Board and give it attitude and that’s what you get with the Thrustmaster T-Freetyle NW. Made from real wood, should find a warm spot underneath Christmas trees for skateboarding, snowboarding and surfboarding fans.

Price: $29.99
Official Website

Quick Shot Dual Trigger Blaster GOLD Edition by DreamGear

Let’s spell it out simple: GoldenEye 007 recently released for the Wii and DreamGear’s Quick Shot Dual Trigger Blaster is the only accessory worthy of pairing with any wannabe James Bond.

Price: $34.99
Official Website


“If you have what it takes, Bit.Trip Runner is absolutely fantastic – a rare game that makes you truly happy to be playing.” – Brian Rowe

Price: $8 (800 Nintendo Points)
Official Review

Super Mario Galaxy 2

“It will amaze you, it will surprise you, and most of all it will be a game that you will cherish for years to come.” – Louis Bedigian

Price: $59.99
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