Nintendo 3DS Buyer’s Guide: Four Must-Have Launch Titles

So you’ve just bought a Nintendo 3DS, are thinking about buying a 3DS, or plan to win one of the five 3DS bundles GameZone is giving away. You’re probably wondering what games you should load up on for you or your mini-yous, so here is a quick and dirty guide to the four must-buy games to help start you on your journey down the 3D rabbit hole.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition
Street Fighter is a big deal, but it’s not exactly entering the ring with many suitable opponents. The 3DS launch lineup is tepid at best, making it all too easy for pre-existing titles like Super Street Fighter IV and Ridge Racer to get a 3D coat slapped on and kicked out the door. Still, if you’re buying Nintendo’s new handheld, these are your best bets. This iteration of Super Street Fighter IV is the ultimate edition, containing all the tweaks and characters previously exclusive to the arcades and a new Dynamic Mode that angles the action to better take advantage of the stereoscopic 3D. For fighting newbies, the touchscreen will allow you to pull off super moves and ultra combos with a simple tap, just don’t expect to be taken seriously online with that amateur crap.

Ridge Racer 3D
Even amongst one of the most solid launch lineups in gaming history, Ridge Racer was an absolute standout during the early days of the PlayStation Portable. Namco has returned once again to remind everyone why powersliding at 120kph while listening to Rotterdam Nation is still as fun as all those years ago when you brought home your very first PlayStation. Like the PSP offering, Ridge Racer 3D is a compilation of songs and tracks from across the entire Racer legacy, while bringing a few new tricks to the table, as well. Ridge Racer 3D is also home to what is likely the best use of 3D in any 3DS game yet, so you’ll definitely want to see it for yourself.

Super Monkey Ball 3D
Remember when Sega used to make the most original and endearing games on any platform, ever? That’s okay, you probably weren’t even born yet, but it happened. Super Monkey Ball came at the ass-end of that era, originally debuting as an arcade cabinet but more prominently known as a Gamecube launch title. The series introduced more anthropomorphic animals into the gaming world and crazy physics-based monkey-in-a-hamster-ball platforming that required players to get MeeMee, AiAi, or Baby from point A to point B without falling to their death. Now you too can experience the thrill of screaming profanities at your new 3DS while trying to complete the hardest stages, only in 3D!

The Sims 3
Does The Sims really need to be in 3D? Not necessarily, but this unusual life-building RPG is perfect for on-the-go gamers with a more adult preference in their virtual experiences. Sure, it could be several human years before you accomplish your life goals if you play in bits and pieces like you’re supposed to, but without a Final Fantasy or other epic undertaking available at the moment, The Sims 3 is not at all a bad investment for those looking to start a long-term relationship. Heema-ho hoo an jo harpin!

Honorable Mention: Pokemon White/Black Version
“WTF, this isn’t a 3DS game you nub! Rabble rabble rabble!” Wow, first of all, calm down. Second of all, while Nintendo strangely (or not strangely, if you take corporate greed into account) missed the perfect opportunity to launch their latest handheld with a truly killer app, there’s nothing stopping you from sticking the vanilla or chocolate-flavored Pokemon game of your choice into your 3DS and playing the most worthwhile entry in the juggernaut franchise’s history. Oh, look at that, we already have a review where you can read all about how Pokemon made itself relevant again for a new generation of Angry Birds-lovin’ gamers.

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