Nintendo Third-Parties Failing Because of Nintendo? Not Quite, Says Majesco

When games like Zack & Wiki sell like Adult Wallets to Young Links, the big bad blame finger always ends up pointing back at Nintendo. After all, the house that Mario built constantly churns out big sellers with big names attached. Why stock your shelves with a game that sounds like a bad Disney Channel sitcom when you could sow your carpets out of cash earned from Mario Party Versus XIII?

Majesco CEO Jesse Sutton, however, does not think this is the case. Thanks to the ever-expanding casual marketplace, Nintendo’s iron-fisted dominance is a-okay with him.

“That being said, it is very promising, we are learning that there is retailers today because of the growth in the family friendly marketplace or the family friendly audience, there is a lot of growth to their individual placement or their individual retail space that they are going to be offering to the public throughout the rest of this year. You will start seeing more space at all the retailers like Best Buy, Wal-Mart, et cetera, that are offering more space to the family friendly audience. They are not necessarily taking space away from other video game platforms but other areas of entertainment that have not been doing as well and that bodes well for us and all of us that are in this Nintendo space.”

Long-winded, but encouraging nonetheless. Take that, collectible card games! Nintendo is in your store, stealing your space. The winners in this situation? Why, that’d be us. More shelf-space devoted to games — casual or not — is always a good thing. Shame about those Inuyasha cards, though. Darn shame.