Nintendo Still Keeping Wii Music Songs Closely-Guarded; Reveals But Six Tracks

Not sure just why, but Nintendo is keeping fairly mum about what tracks are going to be on Wii Music. However, their website (translated via Siliconera) reveals six songs to which you’ll be able to… er, rock out:

My Grandfather’s Clock
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Ode to Joy
Super Mario Brothers Theme
The Legend of Zelda
Animal Crossing Wild World

For those who don’t know, this is Eine Kleine Nachtmusik:

Siliconera also notes:

My Grandfather’s Clock was a bluegrass song, but it got a J-Pop cover from Ken Hirai. It’s unclear if Nintendo of Japan plans to include the remake or the original song. Ode to Joy also got a J-Pop remake from boy band KAT-TUN, but Wii Music might be using the original composition from Beethoven. Without the vocals it’s difficult to distinguish. Both of these songs are likely to be in the US version too since their international appeal predates any covers. At least Eine Kleine Nachtmusik is clearly the original composition.

And of course, if you have no idea of the origins of the other three, I kindly invite you to get out of my sight.

That said, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Yankee Doodle were said to have been at E3, which brings the total to eight… of about fifty songs. Not a lot of info there– maybe Japan just really likes to be surprised about this stuff?