Nintendo, Sony and Apple Playing Legal Defense

It seems that suing a large gaming company is all the rage nowadays. But to be the cool kid, you can’t just sue one, you to have to do three at the same time. Which is exactly what Shared Memory Graphics LLC is doing. They are bringing the suit against Nintendo, Sony and Apple because “two patents [that] describe ways in which microprocessors fine-tune graphics by balancing the flow of data from various sources” were infringed upon by the above defendants when they made the DS, PSP and iPhone respectively.

Apparently, the patents were originally held by a company called Alliance Semiconductor Corp, who sold the patents to Apple, Sony and Nintendo in 2005. It was then that the three companies allegedly infringed on the technology. The full litigation has not been released, but was filed late last week. Patents usually get very detailed, so it’s hard to tell if the suit is legitimate or just a money grab.

The case sounds like a similar suit brought against Sony and Microsoft earlier this year, regarding communicating over the internet while playing on consoles. Let’s also not forget the current Mortal Kombat lawsuit involving the movie producers trying to claim ownership. So if you have any patent or ownership related issues with Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo, now is the time get in on the fad!